Save Money Through Luxury Living? Here’s How.

Save Money!

photo by Penny Mathews

It seems impossible – the idea that by choosing a luxury apartment you could save money.

But stop and consider the full impact of your decision and you’ll see quickly just how wise you really are.

  • By choosing to live downtown near some of Dubuque’s best employers – your employer – you’ll not only save time, you’ll save money commuting.
  • Lower annual mileage means a discount on your auto insurance.
  • The super insulation of your condominium apartment means some residents have reported not needing to turn the heat on in the winter.  Your results may vary, but imagine the money that alone would save you.
  • Your luxury unit is equipped with your own security system, state-of-the-art video entry access control system, and full building fire detection system.  Check with your insurance company, but that means yet more discounts.
  • The best in entertainment, shopping, and more is literally within walking distance.

And the views and location are priceless.

When you stop to add it up, what you gain through choosing luxury living mean convenience, a higher standard of life, and savings.

It’s no surprise to us that American city design is coming full-circle to begin to reject sprawl in favor of living sustainably near where you work.  We’re pleased to have been able to bring back The Walling Building as a beautiful example of this standard of living.

Welcome home.

– The Walling Building

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